Friday, September 16, 2005

SAIC presents a major international event on art criticism. SAIC will host some of the world's most important art critics and theorists for a series of lectures, seminars, workshops, and roundtables.

A sample of presenters:

James Elkins-Conditions of Art Criticism-10/10, 12-1p.m. SAIC
Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus

Helene Cixous-Arts of Escaping: Simon Hantai, Roni Horn and Other
Writers-10/10, 6p.m. Maclean Center, SAIC Ballroom, 112 S. Michigan Ave.

Public Roundtable-States of Art Criticism-10/11,1-4p.m. Morton
Auditorium, 111 S. Michigan (with: James Elkins, Dave Hickey, Ariella

Budick, James Panero, Michael Newman, Stephen Melville)
Dave Hickey-Art After Criticism-10/11, 6 p.m. Fullerton Auditorium,
111 S. Michigan

Plus: Seminar (James Panero) and Panel Discussions (Kathryn Hixson
& Michelle Grabner)

Please visit this site for all listings.
Or contact the Visiting Artists Program School of the Art Institute of Chicago
at 312-443-4799

4:33 AM


at September 20, 2005 4:44 AM The Artist Extraordinaire said...

I noticed that the web address was missing a letter. Here is VAP: right here

Also, check out the growing artblog community.

Art or Idiocy? for art discussion, critcism and making fun of, with links to Chcago based crticism and beyond.

I am very excited about the upcoming events.

at October 15, 2005 7:01 AM Jim Elkins said...

I have posted on this site.